sweet pepper

Sweet pepper

Export of sweet pepper

One of the most demanded products in the country adjacent to the Persian Gulf, namely the UAE, is colored Iranian bell pepper, among which Isfahan bell pepper has a high quality for export and is generally sold in one of these two ways. And sea buyers of this product will be sent to the UAE.

Iran is one of the leading countries in the export of fresh vegetables in the world. Bell pepper is one of Iran’s exported vegetables. Russia and the Persian Gulf countries are among these countries.
who import Iranian bell pepper. Surin Tejarat Export Consortium with the brand name Surin Export operates professionally as an exporter of Iranian bell pepper. Our consortium was formed by the consensus of the largest suppliers of fruits and vegetables in Iran and annually hosts the world’s largest merchants from different countries.

Wholesale capsicum export company can use the best type of high quality capsicum in order to provide excellent quality to its foreign customers. In addition, the company can use standard processes for the production and packaging of capsicum to provide the best Provide quality in its products. By cooperating with the sweet pepper export company, you can get the best quality sweet pepper at a reasonable price and on time according to the agreements. In addition, our company also provides the best after-sales services to its customers to ensure that customers are satisfied and can cooperate with our company in the future. It considers compliance with international standards as one of its priorities. For this reason, our products are produced and packaged using standard processes and following hygienic principles.

Features of Iranian sweet pepper

Iranian sweet pepper is cultivated with the latest methods and technologies.By using this method,it produces the best quality products without the use of pesticides. In addition,Iran’s four-season climate and quality soil allow farmers to grow the best vegetables. Saderat Sorin always tries to sell Iranian bell peppers in very beautiful and standard packaging to the market.For this reason, it always uses up-to-date devices for product packaging.In addition to beauty,the packaging should be such that it preserves the freshness of the bell pepper.We try to make your experience of cooperation with us as an exporter of Iranian bell peppers a continuous experience.
According to statistical results, Iran’s sweet pepper export,the countries of Iraq, UAE, Afghanistan, Oman, China, Germany, Italy and Poland are countries that have a high potential for importing sweet pepper.
Also, the countries of Russia,Kazakhstan,Kyrgyzstan and Azerbaijan are suitable for export.

  • All about bell peppers

    Bell pepper, which we also know as sweet pepper or capsaicin; It can grow in all types of weather. Although we know this bell pepper by its sweet name, its taste is a combination of spiciness and crunchy texture. Bell pepper belongs to the eggplant family, and this family includes red pepper, chili pepper, tomato, eggplant, and potato. Among the types of bell peppers, green and purple peppers have a bitter taste and red, yellow and orange peppers have a sweeter taste. Next, we want to tell the benefits and harms of green, red, yellow, orange and purple bell peppers.

  • Nutritional value of bell pepper

    Bell pepper is rich in minerals and vitamins. In the raw state, a fresh bell pepper contains 92% water, and a medium bell pepper contains copper, fiber, folate, manganese, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, protein, selenium, vitamin C, vitamin B6, vitamin K1, vitamin E. and vitamin A. There are also many antioxidants such as capsanthin, violaxanthin, lutein, quercetin and luteoliten in bell pepper.

  • Capsicum properties for the skin

    Bell peppers are rich in antioxidants, and the photochemical substances in bell peppers preserve the youth and freshness of the skin and reduce the negative effects of free radicals that accelerate cell aging. As a result, the aging of skin cells happens later and the skin has less wrinkles. Vitamin C present in bell pepper also improves collagen formation and thus increases the elasticity and health of the skin. To use the properties of bell pepper for the skin, you can use a mixture of carrot extract and green bell pepper to clean spots and pimples on the skin.

  • Boosting the immune system

    Bell pepper is rich in antioxidants and thus can protect your body from diseases. Bell pepper is rich in vitamin C, and for this reason, if you eat it raw, you can use the maximum amount of vitamin C present in this vegetable. Especially orange and red bell peppers have the maximum amount of vitamin C.

Common features in different bell pepper colors

Bell pepper is one of the lowest calorie vegetables due to its abundant interstitial water. Although green bell peppers are more familiar to most people, the red, orange, and yellow pigments have many properties. In terms of taste, green bell peppers are slightly more bitter, and yellow, orange, and red peppers are sweeter and more fruity. Bell pepper is not a spicy plant; Because capsaicin, which causes a spicy taste in pepper, is present in this pepper in a very small amount.

  • Red bell pepper

    The same as ripe green bell pepper, green bell pepper turns red when it is very ripe, which is riper, sweeter and with a milder taste. Vitamin C and carotenoids are more in the ripe state. Also, the antioxidant capacity of red bell pepper is higher than that of green bell pepper. In order to prepare red bell pepper, it should be noted that its color is bright and the skin is firm. But the peppers that have dull and wrinkled skin go towards the process of corruption and their nutrients are greatly reduced.

    Red bell pepper, the highest amount of vitamin C

    Red bell pepper has the strongest antioxidant

    Red bell pepper, providing bone health

  • Green bell pepper

    Rich in magnesium. The reason for the green color of this bell pepper is the large amounts of chlorophyll in it, which is linked to magnesium. Magnesium has many effects in improving memory and learning. Magnesium is also effective in reducing blood pressure. Abundant amounts of B6 and magnesium in green bell peppers reduce anxiety caused by premenstrual syndrome and are effective in improving the symptoms of this syndrome. Green bell pepper has a lot of vitamin E, which is effective in improving the function of the immune system and cell protection.

  • Yellow bell pepper

    Rich in vitamins, although green bell pepper is the most common type of bell pepper on store shelves, but the yellow type contains more vitamins. Yellow bell pepper is a very good source of vitamin C. A medium yellow bell pepper provides half of the daily requirement of vitamin C. Vitamin C is effective in preventing arthritis, tooth and bone health. Niacin, which is one of the B vitamins, is effective in providing health to the skin, nervous system and digestive system. Also, this pepper is rich in folate, which is used to prevent birth defects.

  • Orange bell pepper

    It is rich in vitamin C, it is a rich source of fiber, it is rich in antioxidants. It is rich in carotenoids, lutein and zeaxanthin, carotenoids fight cell damage that can lead to cancer and heart disease. It is a source of vitamin B6.