Shipping and customs

International shipping to Oman

International shipping and transportation to Oman Sultanate of Oman is one of Iran’s southern neighbors and has had good relations with Iran for a long time. This country is located at the mouth of the Strait of Hormuz and south of the Oman Sea in the Arabian Peninsula. Due to the good relations between Iran and the Sultanate of Oman, as well as the presence of a suitable sea location, the ports of Oman are one of the centers for the transshipment of goods to Iran and vice versa. Of course, despite the desire of the two countries, the amount of official trade between Iran and Oman is less than one billion dollars. The perspective of relations between the two countries is planned on the basis of 5 billion dollars, which indicates a favorable position for Iranian and Omani businessmen. Shipping cargo to Oman from Iran is done mainly by sea and to some extent by air.

International shipping routes to Oman

As mentioned, most of the trade between Iran and Oman is carried out through sea routes. The important ports of Oman are Sohar, Salalah, Al Suwaiq and Bandar Sultan Qaboos Muscat.

At present, the shipping of cargo to Oman is carried out from the direct route of Bandar Abbas to the ports of Muscat and Al Suwaiq.

Of course, as mentioned, cargo transportation to Oman is also done by air. This route is from Imam Khomeini Airport and Shiraz city

Sea shipping to Oman is done by different companies and each one has its own conditions. Therefore, before carrying out sea transportation to Oman, in addition to familiarizing yourself with the types of containers, you should examine all the companies that provide these services and choose the most suitable company according to your conditions. Sea transportation to Oman has many advantages and each It leads business to business to this country.

Among these advantages, we can mention things like: affordable price, transportation of large goods, transportation of goods in any condition and transportation of high-risk goods. Sea shipping to Oman has costs such as: shipping company cost, packaging cost, storage cost, insurance cost, customs cost and tax cost. In this type of transportation, containers include different categories, including the following

Containers for dry goods
Containers for perishable items (refrigerated container)
tank container
Flexi Tong
Open container


Sea shipping to Oman by ship is carried out in three ways: full load, small load and bulk. In the full load method, the cargo volume should be 20 cubic meters, and in the small load method, the weight of the cargo should be less than the capacity of a container. In the bulk method, high-weight shipments are sent in bulk in cartons or bags.

Telephone consultation, free expert visit to transport goods to Oman

The first step of transporting goods to Oman, whether by sea or air, is a telephone consultation regarding the selection of the type of transportation and the related costs. In the second stage, if needed, our experts will check and pack the cargo to transport the goods to Oman

Packing for shipment to Muscat by ship or air

By sea: If the cargo is transported to Muscat by sea, as explained in the loading section, the cargo will be prepared for shipping in containers and in different sizes. The cargo must be properly arranged in terms of initial inspection and in such a way that it is not damaged during the sea transportation of the cargo to Oman and arrives safely at the international port of Oman.

Air: In air shipping, if necessary, packaging should be done in the form of wooden or metal pallets for freight to Oman.

Preparation of packing list before sea shipment to Oman

Before sea transportation to Oman, all items of cargo should be numbered and prepared in the form of a list. This list prepared for sending goods to Oman must be translated into the language accepted by the customs of the destination country.

Note: The Latin version of the translation is necessary for sea transportation to Oman to be presented to the destination customs.

Loading to send cargo to Oman

By sea: After the examination, one of the 20 or 40 feet containers will be offered to you, dear customer, to send the cargo to Oman by ship.

Loading and shipping to port or airport for transportation to Oman

In case of shipping cargo from Iran to Oman by ship, your container will first be transferred to West Tehran Customs and then to one of the southern ports of the country before being transported to Oman.

In case of transportation by Airmail to Muscat, Oman, your cargo will be transported to Imam Khomeini Airport with a van, Khavar or any other necessary means to carry out the final steps of transportation to Oman.

Spraying affairs and international certification for Omani cargo

Cargo means cargo, and Oman cargo means the sender of cargo to Oman. According to the laws established regarding Oman cargo, most goods, especially packages made of raw wood, pallets and other goods made of wood, must be in Origin and by observing specific conditions, they should be sprayed with gas or special tablets at a certain temperature and for a certain period of time, and the FUMIGATION CERTIFICATE should be issued by the official and approved plant pest control companies for the cargo in Oman.

Online tracking after sea freight to Oman and Oman freight to airlines

In the last step after sending the cargo to Oman, the customer can track his supplies or merchandise online through the Itkar International website. After sending the cargo to Oman, a tracking link will be sent to you

Necessary conditions for goods clearance in Oman

In fact, there are special rules for importing or exporting in every country, and the country of Oman will not be exempted from this case, and it is necessary that the country that exports goods to Oman must comply with these rules. In order to clear the goods in Oman, it is necessary to carry out procedures such as customs work, tax payment, tracking of goods and cargo, loading, etc., so that the clearance of goods and cargo takes place without any problems.

Online tracking after sea freight to Oman and Oman freight to airlines

In the last step after sending the cargo to Oman, the customer can track his supplies or merchandise online through the Itkar International website. After sending the cargo to Oman, a tracking link will be sent to you

Shipping cost to Oman

Undoubtedly, the cost of sea transportation will vary according to various parameters such as the type of transportation, the type of cargo, the value of goods, etc., and it is not possible to consider a single price for the transportation of cargo. When the loads are small and their volume is less than one container, they will be called small loads. For the transportation of such loads, the most cost-effective way of shipping to Oman will be the sea way, so this country has many open waters and the most suitable way for trade will be these sea ways.

The cargoes that are sent by sea are either very large in volume or are considered open goods whose transportation cost depends on things such as the weight of the goods, shipping method, exchange rate, packaging, customs fees, insurance according to the value of the goods, etc. it depends. Of course, some costs and the calculation of the weight of the cargo will be completely different according to the type of shipment (sea-air), in fact, this parameter includes the majority of the cost, but the calculation of the weight of sea cargo to Oman is that the volume and The weight of the cargo is measured in cubic meters of the container, and the larger number will be the basis of the calculation.

For convenience, calculate the number of identical cartons before calculating CBM. For example, suppose that the weight of your load is one ton; If in the calculation of the volume occupied by the load, it is more than the assumption of one ton, the volume of the load will be replaced by 1 ton.

CBM calculation: number of cartons*(length*width*height)

In order to clear goods in Oman, it is necessary to do the following steps

  • The requirement for cargo clearance in Oman is to prepare a bill of lading. In fact, the bill of lading is a document that is issued by a special institution for the transportation of goods. Details such as sender’s details, recipient’s details, address, etc. are written on the bill of lading in full. The presence of a bill of lading in customs is necessary for cargo clearance
    In order to clear the cargo, it is necessary to obtain the necessary permission from the Omani commerce, and it is necessary to prepare a list of goods.
    In order to clear the goods in the country of Oman, the cargo and goods clearance permit must be received and issued from the relevant officials.
    For sea transportation to Oman or for the import of this country to Iran, it is necessary for the cargo to have a document for goods clearance and to be issued a permit, which describes the details of the goods and the name of this document is the manifest.
    Basically, it is necessary to present the documents that are subject to the payment of taxes and customs duties at the Oman Customs in order to clear the goods.
    In fact, it can be said that the most important part for the successful clearance of the goods is the payment of the tax and customs tariffs set for the goods; that for the goods that are exported, it is necessary to determine the goods insurance

Issuing a valid international insurance policy

A valid insurance policy for transporting goods to Oman, either by sea or by air, is determined according to the value of the cargo. That is, the sender of the goods is asked what is the value of the goods in riyals? Then, according to the price you declare, for every one million tomans, one thousand tomans will be considered as an insurance fee, and according to the declared packing list, the insurance policy will be issued and accurately translated.

Delivery of cargo to the airline or shipping to carry the cargo to Oman

In sea cargo transportation to Oman, after the container has arrived at the customs of one of the southern ports, it is delivered to the Iran Shipping Organization or one of the other shipping lines for loading and shipping the cargo to Oman by ship.

In transporting cargo to Oman by plane, after the issuance of a valid air waybill, the cargo is delivered to the relevant airline for transportation to Oman.

Iranian customs formalities, inspection by sniffer dog and container seal before sending goods to Oman

In case of sending the goods to Oman by ship, after being transported to the western customs of Tehran, the cargo will be sealed by check and container detection dogs to transport the goods to Oman by ship.

If the goods are sent to Oman by air, the cargo will be scanned by X-Ray at the airport and inspected in your presence