The amount of potato production in Iran

Potato is one of the most important agricultural products produced in Iran. This product is cultivated both in irrigated agricultural lands and in dry agricultural lands. There are about 145 thousand hectares of agricultural land for potato cultivation in Iran. Hamadan, Isfahan, Ardabil, Lorestan, Kurdistan and East Azerbaijan are among the most important potato producing provinces in Iran. The largest volume of potato production in Iran belongs to these provinces.

Iran can become one of the largest exporters of potatoes due to having suitable weather conditions for planting this product, as well as abundant manpower and access to global markets, including the UAE, Iraq, etc. According to the potato export statistics, Iran has exported about 5 thousand tons of potatoes this year.

Potatoes, like all other items, will need to obtain various licenses for export. For product export, if the volume of the desired product is low, you can seek help from intermediary companies or individuals and businessmen active in this field. In this way, he pays a percentage of the profit from the export to the intermediary to export your product. If you intend to use the direct method for exporting your product, you must first apply for a commercial card.

The process of exporting the product is similar to other export items. In addition to receiving the necessary permits, this product must also receive some health approvals. If you use the direct and unmediated method to export the products, the task of finding the target market It is also your responsibility. You are also responsible for all the steps of sending the goods to the customs and going through the legal procedures.

Types of potatoes

Potatoes are divided into different types based on taste, size, shape, color and starch content. Potato skin is available in yellow, brown, pink, red and purple (blue) colors. It is white or the same color as skin.

sweet potato

As it is clear from its name, it is much sweeter than other earthy reasons. Sweet potato is one of the nutritious potatoes. Sweet potatoes are soft and creamy. Sweet potatoes are mostly used in baking cakes. Sweet potatoes have yellow, orange, white and purple cores. This type of potato has a high nutritional value. This plant is due to Edible tubers are planted in most parts of the world including China, India and other parts of Asia, North Africa and Europe.

Red potatoes

As the name suggests, this potato has a red color and a completely white interior. The red color of this particular type of potato indicates the presence of anthocyanin in it; Anthocyanin is a special type of antioxidant that can help reduce LDL (bad) cholesterol.

Proper use of red potatoes: You can use them in soups, stews, and salads, and you can grill, mash, and steam them.

Brown and yellow skin potatoes

It has brown skin and white inside. Its shape is elongated and its surface is rough and uneven. It has a high amount of starch and less water. It is the best potato for frying and cooking.

Golden or yellow potatoes are used for cooking and puree preparation. This type of potato has a thin skin, yellow color and a smooth appearance. The inside is yellow and somewhat white.

Properties of potatoes

  • Potatoes are effective in digestion
    Potatoes contain large amounts of antioxidants. It has anti-cancer properties
    Potato protects the heart
    Potatoes are a low-fat nutrient. Potatoes reduce blood pressure due to compounds called kukoamines.