Pistachio is one of the most important and tastiest nuts in the world, which has a very high nutritional value. Iran is one of the largest exporters of pistachios in the world. We can even say that the most delicious and high-quality type of pistachio exists in Iran. Pistachios are produced in two types, raw and roasted, and reach the consumer. In the rest of this article, we are trying to give you more information about the types of pistachios so that you can include them in your daily meals and have a healthier body.

All kinds of pistachios

As you have noticed, pistachios have different varieties and names. In fact, pistachios differ from each other in terms of color, taste and quality, kernel color, coarse and fine, dark and light, skin color, etc. It is interesting to know that The place of pistachio production has an effect on its final price in terms of quality. For example, the pistachio produced in Damghan has a lot of fat and good quality, and the Qazvin pistachio has a greener kernel color and the Rafsanjan pistachio has a redr kernel color. Each has a special place. By using these features, it is possible to distinguish the type of pistachio and its place of production. In general, there are many famous pistachios in Iran. Pistachios such as Ghanuri, Italian, Rokanabadi, Mamtaz, Ebrahimabadi, Tajabadi, Fandgi Raz, Paper Skin, etc. are all famous and popular pistachios in Iran. In the rest of this article, we will try to give you some types of pistachios.

Buy Pistachio Akbari and Ahmed Aghaei in the world
Akbari Pistachio

Akbari pistachio is very elongated, shapely and tasty, which has its own special customers and fans all over the world. In fact, Akbari pistachios are easily peeled and are one of the best and highest quality pistachios in the world. The world price of Akbari pistachios is always higher than the price of hazelnut and smaller pistachios. You must also have a question, where are Akbari pistachios for? The direct supply of Akbari pistachios is usually from the city of Rafsanjan. People buy Akbari pistachios because of the difference in taste and quality. It has increased with pistachios. In Rafsanjan, the best and highest quality type of pistachios and pistachio gardens can be found. Among the famous pistachios of Rafsanjan are Akbari pistachios and Aghaei pistachios.

Pistachio Ahmad Aghaei

Or the long pistachio nut is one of Iranian pistachios that is long and almond-shaped. Actually, the length of pistachios is different from each other. Ahmed Aghaei pistachio is one of those relatively large pistachios.

    • Medium growth power and wide growth habit
    • The height of this tree reaches three meters on average.
    • Its end leaf is bigger than the side leaves.
    • The end leaf has a wide lance shape.

    • This seedling flowers very early and of course gives a good yield very early.Its products are of high quality.
    • The care percentage of Ahmed Aghaei’s pistachio seedlings should be very high to get a favorable result.
    • Ahmad Aghaei pistachio seedlings should be planted in cold areas.
    • The seedlings of this type of pistachio show a very good resistance against pathogenic agents.
    • Timely spraying for Ahmad Aghaei pistachio seedlings should be done.