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Work in Oman and work migration to Oman is one of the most popular topics for many people who are looking for work in Oman and methods of immigrating to this country.

An overview of Oman

Oman is one of the countries located on the edge of the Persian Gulf, whose people are known for their modesty, and whose capital is known as the bride of Arab countries. This country is bordered by the Arab countries of Saudi Arabia, the Emirates and Yemen, and has the provinces of Al Dhafar, Musandam, Al Barimi and Muscat. In the heart of this country, which is the capital city of Muscat, the largest city of Oman, is located, which is known as the bride of Arab countries among Arab countries for some reasons. The most important reason why the city of Muscat in Oman has such a nickname is the presence of white houses, most of which are low in height.

This country, which is governed under the supervision of a royal government, has for some time adopted a policy of attracting foreign immigrants to its country in order to attract skilled workers, so that many capable people can immigrate to Oman under the title of work migration. For this purpose, the government of Oman has tried to push its country towards growth and progress over several years, which has been successful, and over the past few years, Oman has seen significant growth in various industries, culture and even economy. Since the country of Oman is located on the edge of the Persian Gulf, the fishing industry is considered one of the prosperous industries of this country, and the majority of the country’s income is obtained from this industry. Of course, it goes without saying that the oil industry also brings significant income to the country of Oman, and apart from the fishing industry, the oil industry and agriculture also have significant prosperity in this country.

    • Its residents enjoy a very high quality of life.
    • Security and safety are among the basic needs of every human being, which Oman provides at a high quality level.
    • Health services in Oman are of good quality and generally available to the public.
    • The purchasing power of the residents of this country is also good, which indicates the strength of the economic and welfare conditions of this country.
    • Enjoying good weather with low pollution is another advantage of living in Oman.

  • Since Oman has a prosperous and good job market, many Iranians are offered to work there. But for many people, the question is why work in Oman? Therefore, in this section, we intend to introduce you to the benefits of working in Oman.

    In general, the benefits of working in this Arab country are:

    A high income even compared to countries whose income is in dollars.

    • Working in Oman does not require a high level of English or advanced language qualifications.
    • The culture of Oman and Iran have many similarities to each other and therefore life is very simple for Iranians in this country.
    • The unemployment rate in this country is low, and this has made it possible for every person to get a job of their choice.
    • General conditions of work in Oman Before you obtain information about the conditions of work migration to Oman, it is necessary to know what the conditions of work in Oman are and whether the reality of work in Oman is in line with what you have in mind. Is it the same or not? So let’s first take a look at the general conditions of work in this country. The unemployment rate in Oman. The unemployment rate of a country is an indicator of the economic status of that country. Therefore, before immigrating to any country, it is necessary to research the unemployment rate of that country. Check it out. The country of Oman has an unemployment rate of 3.30%, which is considered a very low unemployment rate, so many people can immigrate to Oman and work in their desired job.

  • The annual GDP growth rate in Oman is 3.7%. Due to this growth, it is expected that the labor market of this country will experience a suitable peak and job opportunities for qualified people will increase.

    According to Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser Al Bakri (Minister of Labor and Manpower of Oman between 2008-2020);

    There are many job opportunities in the oil, gas, finance, mining and logistics sectors, and the government plans to create 40 thousand new opportunities, which exceeded 47 thousand this year. The majority of these job opportunities are for women. (a figure of about 62%)

    Required jobs in Oman

    In general, in Oman, jobs related to the oil and gas industries, construction, education, medicine, are considered the best jobs for expatriates, and in a way for engineers, computer and information technology specialists, managers, teachers and especially lecturers. Language There are many jobs in Oman.

    If you want to know the required jobs in Oman in general, read the table below

    It is interesting to know that the government of Oman sets a percentage quota every year in order to achieve economic growth by creating and increasing job opportunities. This year, these statistics are presented for various jobs, which you can see in the table below.

    Increase in employment quota this year (in percent) Sectors in need of labor in Oman
    570% Technician of engineering departments
    80% Skilled workers in engineering industries
    90% Work force for oil and gas production and productivity company
    82% Service companies
    29% Managers of the accounting department
    55% Accounting specialists
    66% Technician of accounting department
    100% The positions of the clergy
    35% industry sector
    90% Banking and finance departments

    The information in the table above gave you an overview of the areas in need of labor in Oman.

  • Engineering jobs in Oman

    The field of engineering can be considered one of the most prosperous fields in Oman. Jobs in this field are always among the list of required jobs in Oman:

    Software Engineer-network engineer-data engineer-mechanical engineer –Construction Management Engineer –Quality control engineer-Manufacturing engineer –Construction and development manager-Aircraft engineer-Project engineer –Industrial Engineer –Lighting engineer-Electrical engineer and facilities –Engineering Management –technical engineer

    Construction jobs in Oman

    Construction management–Construction project supervisor –construction worker-welder-Electrical Technician-Project cost estimator-Civil Engineer-project manager-Plumber-carpenter-Building architect –Building Painter-Construction project foreman

    Information technology jobs in Oman

    Web developer-Program analyzer-Telecommunication and network engineer-Software Engineer –programmer-Database Manager–data engineer-Data analyst-Network support specialist-Network technician-Computer repair technician-Information entry officer-Information security manager-Graphic Designer-Web master-

    Tourism and hospitality jobs in Oman

    Hotel and accommodation manager-the manger of Formality –Ceremony planner-Event coordinator-Restaurant waiter-master chef-Chef-bellboy-Restaurant and bar manager-barista

    List of medical jobs in Oman

    Jobs in the field of health and treatment are also among the jobs needed in Oman. Oman needs 13,000 doctors in Oman 2040 Vision, which will provide this number from among Omani doctors and foreign doctors who intend to immigrate to this country.

    Therefore, in recent years, we have witnessed the migration of doctors to Oman. Primary health care in this country is free for all Omanis. Even foreigners receive medical assistance.

    In the table below, you can see the most important medical jobs in Oman

    Dentist-Nurse-Cardiologist-laboratory technician-Anesthesiologist-Plastic and cosmetic surgeon-midwife-Clinical Psychologist-Ophthalmologist-Obstetricians-Orthopedic surgeon-internal medicine doctor-Pharmacist-Pharmaceutical technician-Optometry-pediatrician-General surgeon-dermatologist- Kidney and urinary tract specialist- Midwife technician and assistant- Cardiac surgeon- Audiologists- nurse’s aide- Orthodontic specialist- Oral surgeon- Restorative dentist-Hematology specialist-hematology-general practitioner (family doctor)- intensive care- Rheumatology specialist

  • As you can see, there are many job opportunities in Oman. But how much can you earn from these job opportunities? Of course, in Oman, like anywhere in the world, the salary of an employee depends on the level of experience and the work he does.

    The lowest salary in Oman is OMR 399.00 and the highest salary is OMR 2153.00, which is a significant salary. Of course, the salary of each country is better than another country when the ratio of salaries to expenses is higher.

    Do not forget this point; Currently, the Omani rial is one of the most valuable currencies in the world

    Maximum salary (Oman Rial OMR) Minimum salary (Oman Rial OMR)



    1082rials 440 rials Agriculture and food industry
    1024 rials 404 rials cultural-artistic
    1173 rials 440 rials Bank jobs
    2665 rials 476 rials

    Automotive Industry


    1308 rials 545 rials chemical industry
    1318 rials 586 rials Business
    1443 rials 439 rials Real estate construction
    1583 rials 511 rials Customer support
    1139 rials 477 rials Economics and finance and accounting
    1633 rials 476 rials Science education and research
    1215 rials 537 rials electrical engineering
    1553 rials 509 rials ordinary worker
    879 rials 494 rials human resources
    1066 rials 353 rials travel tourism
    1180 rials 405 rials Transportation of supplies
    1812 rials 528 rials Telecommunications
    1228 rials 565 rials the environment
    999 Rials 385 rials Service industries

  • If you want to live and work in Oman, you should definitely apply for a work visa for this country.

    Considering that the Omani government’s policy towards attracting immigrants is based on attracting capable and skilled people, work migration to Oman and obtaining a work visa for this country has its own process, which is better if you intend to enter it from experts. And ask immigration lawyers for advice and help. But with all these interpretations, you need to know that in order to immigrate to Oman and work in this country, it is necessary that you have received a job offer from a reputable employer in Oman, which, of course, is not a very suitable option for Iranians in the current situation. .

    In addition to the job offer, it is necessary that you have certain conditions, including the age of over 21 years and under 60 years, passing the exam or training for job applicants in Oman, etc. Be.

    Oman, like any other country, has different types of work visas, each of which has its own requirements, which we will discuss in detail below.

    To immigrate to Oman and work in this country, you can use two types of visas.

    Oman job search visa

    When an Omani employer agrees to allow a foreigner to enter Oman on his own responsibility and look for a job opportunity, that foreigner can receive an Omani job search visa.

    By using this visa, a foreigner has the opportunity to search for a job opportunity in Oman for a month. It is necessary to know that during these two months, the applicant can travel to and from Oman, that is, there is no travel restriction for the applicant during this period. Since the risk of this visa is high, obtaining this visa is never suggested for applicants who intend to work in Oman.

    Oman work visa

    In order to work in Oman, applicants for this immigration method must apply for an Oman work visa. Omani work visa is granted to people who have been able to receive a job offer from an Omani employer and a company operating in Oman. The work visa issued for job applicants in Oman is 2 years, and the conditions are required to receive it. Among these conditions, we can refer to the age of the job applicant being less than 21 years old, the job he is applying for to receive a work visa, and the employer’s ability to recruit foreign workers.

    There are other ways to get Oman work visa. For example, some companies operating in Oman and employers, by reading the resume of the applicant and if necessary, invite him to be present in this country and in the tests conducted by the employer and the company in question. to participate If he succeeds in this skill test, an Omani work visa will be issued to the job applicant. In another way, the Omani employer seeks to attract labor on a temporary basis (4 to 6 months or 9 months). In this way, Oman work visas are issued only for the presence of the workforce for a limited and determined period. In this method, people under the age of 21 cannot get a visa. In general, it can be said that according to the existing conditions, getting an Omani work visa is a difficult process.

  • The fields of work in Oman were not as wide as they are today until a few years ago. Because the government of Oman had used all its power to Omanize different sectors. With the passage of time and the feeling of the country’s need for foreign forces, the process of attracting foreign workers and experts in Oman has undergone fundamental changes.

    The construction industry is one of the pillars of Oman’s economy, so if you have a degree in construction engineering, you can hope to be employed in Oman. The lack of skilled labor in the field of construction in Oman has paved the way for the migration of engineers in these fields.

    Due to the fact that in some private schools curriculums are held in English, work migration to Oman has become possible for qualified teachers. Until now, Oman was not considered a good destination for TEFL teachers, but now there are good job opportunities in this field and the way for teachers to migrate to Oman has also been opened.

    It should be noted that Oman has provided special opportunities for those loved ones who are working in medical fields. The reason is the lack of medical and paramedical specialists in Oman.

    Working in Oman for engineering fields such as electricity, industry and mechanics has met with great success. Because this country has a strong need for foreign experts to progress in the industry.

  • Finding a job in Oman is possible in various ways, one of the most common of which is to send a resume to the employer directly. In this way, you should create a complete resume for yourself that contains all your work and education records.

    Another way is to get help from employment agencies.

    You can entrust finding a job in Oman to them by sending your educational documents and work records to these institutions

    Of course, if you personally apply for a job from Iran, the probability of accepting your application and even accepting your resume for review is very low, and it is better to apply through international job search in Iran like Karbin, because job search requires having working relationships and memorandums of understanding. With German companies, they will make this way easier for you and lead you to Oman work visa and work in Oman.

    Working in Oman does not lead to permanent residency in Oman. Oman work visa is a 2-year visa that can be extended, but you need to know that extending it even for 5 consecutive years does not lead to permanent residency in this country. If you want permanent residency in Oman, you can only get it under special conditions.

    In fact, working in this country is suitable for people who could not immigrate to European countries for any reason and now want to develop their financial savings and resume by working in a country like Oman that has good economic conditions.

    Omani employers have no obligation to work with you after the end of the employment contract with you. This phrase means that there is no guarantee that you will be rehired by Omani employers after the end of the work contract, and you may be looking for a new job opportunity after the end of your work contract.

    According to special conditions, you can obtain a companion visa for your family so that they can accompany you in Oman. In order to be able to take your family with you to Oman, it is necessary to obtain a companion visa for your family members, which of course It is also possible for them to receive it privately. One of the important conditions for obtaining an accompanying visa for your family is to have an income of more than 500 Omani Rials.

    Note that all expenses related to your family’s life, education, etc. in Oman are your responsibility and the Omani government will not support your family financially, academically, etc.

    In this article, we have tried to provide you with all the important things to know about working in Oman in 2020.

  • If you are planning to establish your business roots in Oman, then you are on the right track. At this stage, you should know why Oman is an investment center? Pay attention to the following points

    1. Numerous facilities in Oman

    Well-built infrastructure, business connections, high security, property rights, and international network steps taken by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Oman provide a favorable environment for entrepreneurs to invest opportunities, transform business ideas. and provide assistance to their economic development

    2. The ninth 5-year plan for the development of Oman

    This plan gives more importance to the implementation of projects through the private sector and public participation. The goal is to create a strong economy for the future by developing the private sector, integrating business and human resources

    3. Startup and entrepreneurship

    The aim of the Omani government is to build a smart city, due to which strong international networks and trade agreements have been established and expanded the scope of foreign investment in Oman, this helps start-up companies and small and medium industries in Oman to Enjoy its benefits. This country is making initiatives on its first oil and gas institute

    4. No personal tax

    Oman under the tax-free zone! Yes, you do not need to pay personal tax after establishing a company. And interestingly, you don’t pay customs duties throughout the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council. Overall, the catalytic tax system has attracted investment opportunities in the Omani market

    5. Company registration in Oman and ownership Business in Oman

    According to the law of Oman, you can register the company in Oman and have 100% ownership of it, which means you do not need a local or Omani investor!

    6. Export of Oman’s non-oil products

    The government has focused on the export of non-oil products, which creates a great opportunity for production, mining, pharmaceuticals, etc. According to Oman’s business news, Oman’s exports have increased by 28%

    7. Vision of Oman 2040

    Oman has a relatively developed oil and gas industry. It is the backbone of the country’s economy. Apart from this, many measures have been initiated to develop various sectors such as infrastructure, technology, hotel, transportation, manufacturing, mining and perfume industry. Muscat acts as a link between Asia and Africa. This plan predicts an increase of 31 billion Rials by 2040, which is a significant growth!

  • The number of working hours in Oman is usually between 40 and 48 hours per week, depending on the company. The number of working hours is considered by the internal policies of each company. The working hours of the companies are usually from 8:30 or 9 in the morning to 5:30 to 6 in the afternoon. During the holy month of Ramadan, working hours are usually reduced to 6 hours a day.
    The working hours of government offices in Oman are Sunday to Thursday from 7:00 am to 2:30 pm. Offices are closed on Friday and Saturday.
    Weekends in Oman are Fridays and Saturdays

  • One of the other features of working in Oman is that the spouse of the applicant has a full-time work permit and can also use free education facilities. Children under the age of 21 who also join can benefit from free government education.
    Another benefit of working in Oman is that all family members are covered by health insurance

  • Before you can legally work in this country, you need to get a work permit. The Ministry of Energy of Oman must issue a permit to your company (employer) so that you can travel to this country.

    This work permit depends on the following:

    • Compliance with the quota of employment of foreign nationals in Oman by the employer
    • Confirmation of your conditions to work in Oman
    • To obtain employment confirmation in Oman, your employer must provide the following documents.
    • A list of foreign employees of the company
    • Copy of your passport
    • Copy of your educational documents
    • Clearances
    • In some cases, mental health certificate
    • Necessary documents for employment in Oman after issuing a work permit
    • Copy of passport with at least 6 months validity
    • Job invitation
    • Copy of work permit
    • Medical certificate if required
    • Degrees
    • 2 passport photos
    • The applicant must translate and send the mentioned documents. After receiving the NOC certificate, it is necessary to travel to Oman for a job interview with a tourist visa, which is usually valid for 30 to 60 days.

    The documents you must provide to your employer to obtain a permit are:

    • Copy of academic documents
    • Copy of passport certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    • Oman embassy certificate

  • With 5.5 billion barrels of crude oil reserves, Oman is the seventh country in the Middle East in terms of oil reserves. This country has a direct pipeline to Fahal port from where it exports crude oil to China, Japan, Thailand and South Korea. Oman has a stable economy and the inflation rate in this country is 3.7.

    Oman has a workforce of 930,000 people who work in various industries and businesses. Oman’s GDP is more than 60 billion dollars. The most important mineral products in Oman are copper, silver, limestone. are gold Among the industrial products of this country, we can mention cables, metal sheets, vegetable oil and pipes; And the most important agricultural products of Oman are grapes, bananas, coconuts, summer fruits, pomegranates, mangoes and dates.

    Oman’s economy is mostly based on the export of crude oil; For this reason, this country has adopted new approaches to reduce the dominance of crude oil on its economic assets. Some of the important economic decisions of the Omani authorities to develop trade relations with other countries and create economic opportunities in Oman are:

    • Customs exemptions for importing factory equipment
    • Customs exemptions for the import of raw materials for factories
    • Providing financial facilities to foreign investors, including loans
    • Providing export credit insurance through export guarantees
    • Declaration of 100% ownership for foreign investors
    • Granting large loans with low interest


  • After the signing of cooperation documents between the two countries of Iran and Oman, the necessary platform for the development of business and commercial relations between these two countries has been provided, and this issue provides suitable opportunities for investors and businessmen. Some of the commercial and economic cooperation documents signed in 2013 between Iran, Oman, Qatar, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, which simplify the way of doing business with Oman, are:

    • Commercial agreement on Iran’s exports to Oman
    • Commercial shipping agreement
    • Agreement to encourage and support Iran’s export investments
    • International agreement on the establishment of an international transit corridor for goods and passengers

    Agreement to avoid double taxation and export tariffs

    Air Transport Cooperation Agreement