Job Offer Canada

How to get a Canadian job offer? What are the terms of Canada’s job offer? What is the cost of Job Offer Canada? And hundreds of other questions! If you are looking for comprehensive information about Canadian job offers, in this article we will explain zero to one hundred Canadian job offers and answer all your questions about it.

?What is Job Offer Canada

Job Offer means job offer. A Canadian job offer is a job offer that you receive from a Canadian employer

:You are dealing with Canada Job Offer in two ways

Immigrate to Canada through Canadian Work Visa and Work Permit

Immigrate to Canada through Canadian permanent residence immigration programs such as Express Entry

In the Express Entry system, getting a job offer from Canada is a point and helps you raise your CRS score. Of course, this job offer must be valid.

  • As you can see in the image below, the job offer should have the following information

    • Name and address of the employer
    • Employer’s job title
    • Company Name
    • Name of applicant
    • Suggested job title
    • Description of job duties
    • Start date
    • Amount of payments and deductions
    • Determining working conditions such as working hours
    • Job benefits

  • In order for you to receive a valid job offer from Canada, the employer must consider the following rules:

    Before accepting a foreign applicant, the employer must make a job offer to the Canadian workforce, which includes Canadian citizens and permanent residents. In Canada, these people are the priority for employment.
    Advertise the desired job for 4 consecutive weeks.
    For high-paying jobs, the employer must publish the job ad in three sources of newspapers or popular job sites, and for low-paying jobs, it is necessary to advertise the job in five reputable sources.
    If no Canadian citizen or permanent resident applies for the proposed job after 4 weeks from the publication of the job advertisement, the employer must obtain an LMIA permit from Employment and Social Development Canada. That is, to show that the employment of the desired foreign workforce does not have a negative impact on the Canadian labor market and does not cause its workforce to become unemployed.
    The employer must submit the request for LMIA approval no later than three months from the time of publication of the job advertisement.
    The desired salary for the proposed job cannot be lower than the standard salary of that job. Therefore, the employer must pay a salary equal to or higher than the average salary for that job in Canada.

  • The first condition of a Canadian job offer is that it is valid. According to the law of the Canadian Immigration Department IRCC, if the job offer is not valid, it is not possible to get a work visa or it will not be given points in the Express Entry system. The valid job offer conditions are as follows:

    The job offer must be full-time, that is, at least 30 hours a week;
    not seasonal;
    its minimum duration is one year;
    Must have labor market impact certification from the Canadian Department of Labor, i.e. have a positive LMIA, or
    be exempt from LMIA.

  • In general, three categories of job offers are considered exempt from LMIA:

    Job offers that are exempt due to agreements between the federal government and provincial governments;
    Job offers that have been exempted from LMIA by the government under the general rule of “benefiting Canadians”. For example, job offers issued through the Intra-Company Transfer Program (ICT visa).
    Job offers that are exempt from LMIA through international trade agreements such as NAFTA or COZMA.

    • Embassies or high officials in Canada
      If the employer is on the list of employers not authorized to give a job offer.
      The employer has recently started his business.
      The employer hires workers to work in Quebec.

  • Probably one of your main questions is how you can get a job offer from Canada? The general situation is that to get a job offer from Canada, you must first look for work in this country.

    In this section, we fully explain the procedures for obtaining a Canadian job offer:

    Preparation of professional cover letter and resume according to Canadian writing rules
    Membership in employment sites in Canada:
    Create a profile on job search sites and professional social networks and enter the description of your professional work in English.
    LinkedIn is a very important network and is considered as your professional showcase. Many employers post their job vacancies on LinkedIn and find the professionals they need through it.
    Other important sites that you need to be a member of to find a job are Indeed and Zip Recruiter.
    According to your expertise and education, check the required jobs in the Canadian labor market.
    Remember that not all jobs are always advertised on the sites. Most job positions are filled through personal connections. So, if you know someone in Canada, ask them to introduce you if they know of a suitable job position.
    Finding a suitable job and receiving a job offer from a reputable Canadian employer
    At this stage, if your job offer is not exempt from LMIA, the employer must apply for LMIA confirmation and send it to you if they get a positive LMIA.