Invest in Canada

One of the best ways to immigrate for entrepreneurs and business owners is Invest in Canada. One of the most important advantages of the Canadian investment visa immigration method is that, in addition to benefiting from the free and growing economy of this country, the applicant can receive permanent residence in Canada along with his whole family. In this article, we will look at the conditions and laws of different Canadian states for investment, the maximum and minimum amount required to immigrate to Canada through investment, the minimum required IELTS score and the documents that must be presented to prove business management history and financial ability. the payment.

Canada investment visa requirements

There are many complications in the process of immigrating to Canada through investment, and consultation with a Canadian immigration lawyer is necessary in this regard. The first step is to get your language certificate. Most Canadian residency programs through investment require an IELTS General score of 5. Some programs require a bachelor’s degree. In addition, you must be able to prove that you have several years of experience in running a business in your country of residence and managing a business.
It is useful to submit business documents, business records, official newspaper announcement of company changes, etc., and it helps to complete the Canadian investment visa application. Also, in many Canadian residency programs, you need to prove your financial ability through investment. This financing can be provided with financial and banking documents as well as real estate documents. Most investment immigration programs in Canada require a financial capacity of 350,000 Canadian dollars.

  • The amount of capital required for immigration through investment in Canada is lower than in some countries of the world, and people applying for this type of immigration can invest in this country with only 100 to 350 thousand dollars (Canada).

    If you can prove that you have suitable assets for Canadian investment residence, in the next step, you should invest in one of the Canadian states according to the conditions and laws of that state. The minimum investment amount varies from state to state in Canada. For example, the state of Manitoba demands an amount of 250 thousand Canadian dollars for the city of Winnipeg, which is the capital of the province of Manitoba, for investment in Canada. If you invest in one of the cities around Winnipeg, which is at least 50 kilometers away, you will need 150 thousand Canadian dollars.

  • It should be noted that currently it is not possible to obtain residency directly in any of the Canadian investment immigration programs and the investor must first obtain a Canadian investment visa and stay in the desired state for 2 years and after Two years can obtain permanent residence in Canada. You do not have to operate a profitable business during the two years you are a resident of that state. But you must regularly report your business to the Immigration and State Department. Also, during these two years, leaving the state where you live and traveling to Iran will invalidate your Canadian residence for a long time. Of course, it should be noted that with convincing reasons and documents for the reason for travel, you are allowed to leave Canada for a total of 1 month.

  • In this way, a company is registered in Canada with your name. The said amount is deposited in the state account and after the business you want is established, you must send reports to the Canadian Immigration Department and explain the process of your business in Canada. Your visa during these two years Canadian work visais, so your children will be allowed to study in Canada as a foreigner. You can also use insurance and international benefits

  • Canada has become an economic hub in the world by creating suitable conditions for investment and starting a business. Immigrating to Canada through investment brings many benefits to immigrants, which we mention below:

    • Suitable facilities and conditions for work, life and education
    • Obtaining permanent residence (for the individual and his wife and children)
    • Enjoying free education for children under 18 years old
    • Having insurance services for free
    • The applicant does not need to have high educational qualifications to invest in Canada (investment requires having a history and experience in managerial work and having sufficient capital)
    • The applicant can invest in Canada only by having normal skills in English or French (without the need for documents and high grades).
    Disadvantages of investing in Canada

    Along with many advantages of investing in Canada, this method also has disadvantages:

    • The long distance between Canada and Iran may be a bit of a problem for people who want to travel between the two countries.
    • The number of ways to invest in Canada is less than in other European countries.
    • The method of residence through financial resources or self-supporting residence (that is, the applicant can cover living expenses without working and using the capital he has in his own country).
    • Among the most popular investment methods in European countries, it does not exist for the Canadian government.
    • The Canadian government is a bit stricter than European countries on investment through company registration, especially private companies.

  • روش سرمایه گذاری           حداقل سرمایه لازم                         شرایط سنی                   تحصیلات                     سیستم امتیاز بندی

    استارتاپ                           60هزار دلار آمریکا                        حداکثر 55 سال               حداقل کارشناسی                   نیاز دارد

    کارآفرینی                           100هزار دلار                              حداکثر 55 سال                حداقل کارشناسی                  نیاز دارد

    استان کبک                         2میلیون دلار                              حداکثر 55 سال                 الزامی نیست                       نیاز ندارد

    Investment in the province of Quebec

    If a person intends to invest in the province of Quebec, Canada, it is necessary to deposit an amount of 220 thousand dollars (Canadian) in a reliable bank (as an intermediary between the investor and the Canadian government) and in return, the person himself and his family members. They can enter this country with a Canadian investment visa and use services such as education, health insurance and treatment.

    Also, in this method, at the very beginning of arrival, applicants can also obtain permanent residence (it is not necessary to have an English language certificate to invest in Quebec).

    Investment in Prince Edward Province

    In order to invest in Prince Edward, it is necessary for the applicant to start or buy a business related to his previous skills and experience, for which he must have 275 thousand Canadian dollars in capital.

    Of course, in case of living in this province for 6 months, 25,000 and after 1 year of living, another 50,000 dollars will be returned to the applicant, and the rest ($150,000) will be given to the applicant to start a business.

    It is also necessary for the applicant to travel to this island at least 1 time before starting the investment and have a bachelor’s degree and IELTS language.

    Investing in British Columbia

    To invest in British Columbia (Vancouver), you must have a capital of 200 to 400 thousand Canadian dollars.

    If you are successful in setting up a business in British Columbia, you will also receive permanent residency.

    Also, if they have more capital, applicants can bring 1 to 5 working members to Canada for this business, except for their family.

    Invest in the province of Manitoba

    To invest in the province of Manitoba, it is also necessary for the applicant to deposit more than 100,000 Canadian dollars with the Canadian government. This deposit allows the applicant to receive 150 thousand dollars from the Canadian government in the form of a loan.

    Of course, it should be noted that if the business is successful, this amount ($100,000) will be returned to the applicant, otherwise the deposit amount will not be returned.

    Of course, in both cases, the applicant can obtain permanent residence in Canada.