Immigration to Oman

What are the methods of immigrating to Oman?

Immigrating to Oman is the goal of many Iranians who are applying to study in this country. There are different ways to immigrate to Oman. Oman has witnessed more foreign immigration in recent years. It is possible that the progress that Oman has brought in recent years has made this country welcome for immigration purposes. Oman is a country that has a favorable economic position. The oil abundance of this country, being on the sea route and trade of this country has made its economic progress. In this article, we will examine the various methods of immigrating to Oman and explain the conditions for the applicants

Immigrate to Oman through education

Immigrating to Oman through education is one of the types of immigration to this country. Studying in Oman is not compulsory at any point. With these conditions, the country of Oman has included a special program to combat illiteracy. Education in this country is done until the end of secondary school, without the need to pay tuition. The main and most important university of this country is its national university, which is also known as Sultan Qaboos University.

Immigrate to Oman by birth method

Immigrating to Oman by birth method is subject to the laws of this country. Accordingly, in Oman, birth will be considered according to blood. This means that if the child’s father or mother has Omani citizenship, their child will acquire Omani citizenship. Adoption and related conditions are among the other cases through which one can obtain Omani citizenship. Based on this, if Omani parents take custody of a non-Omani child, the citizenship of this country will be obtained for the child.

Immigrate to Oman through marriage

Immigrating to Oman through marriage is one of the other ways to immigrate to this country. If a woman marries an Omani man, she can obtain the citizenship of Oman. But for this case, it must have conditions; It should be proven that two people are interested in each other. The man’s financial ability should be fixed. Must be fluent in Arabic and not have a bad record. Also, the period of ten years of their life has passed and they have a male child. If a woman has such conditions, but her husband has died, she can obtain Omani citizenship. But he must not have married after the death of his wife.

Immigrate to Oman by investment method

Immigrating to Oman through the investment method is one of the other methods of immigrating to this country; This type of immigration is possible for the applicants with three investment methods by buying property and registering a company and depositing in the banks of this country. But it is also good to know that the best way to immigrate to Oman is to invest through company registration. This is because Oman enjoys a very good commercial position and its geographical location will add more value to this issue.
Being on the path of two oceans has made this country a very good commercial position. This case has caused many businessmen to immigrate to this country in order to advance their work. Oil and tourism are other things that cause the economic growth of this country. The economic growth of Oman has also led to the modernization of the atmosphere and architecture of this country and the presence of tourists. All the mentioned items can help you to register your company in this country.

Migration to Oman from work methods

Iran’s advantage over other countries for trade with Oman, its geographical proximity, and the access of both countries to maritime communication routes increase cooperation with this country. As we said, one of the most important areas for export to Oman is technical engineering services as well as agricultural products, and this country currently has unused land, which in the agricultural sector constitutes only one percent of the country’s gross national product, and this is a good opportunity. It brings forward for Iran to export technical engineering services as well as agricultural products in this country.

In the raw materials sector, cement, plaster and all kinds of building materials such as stone, tiles and ceramics have a good market and you can work in this field.

All kinds of food, especially baby food, is a suitable field for export, and currently the baby food market in Oman is supplied exclusively through Iran.