Iran is one of the biggest exporters of honey in the world. Iranian honey is one of the most popular honeys in all parts of the world. There is a variety of vegetation in Iran, and this is the reason why bee breeding in Iran is very prosperous and also the best natural honey is produced and sent to the market.

Exported honey is a product that the countries of the Persian Gulf, Turkey and China are among its applicants, and some European countries also import honey from Iran through an intermediary. Iran, having different geographical and climatic conditions, is considered one of the producers of high-quality honey in the world. The amount of honey production in the country is about 85 thousand tons, of which more than 10 thousand tons of honey are exported from the country.

Export of Iranian honey to:
Azerbaijan, countries around the Persian Gulf (Iraq, Lebanon, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE, Oman, Bahrain)

Types of export honey

The types of honey are determined based on the production area, its color and aroma, the type of flower nectar and extraction time, etc.

In general, honey is prepared in several ways. Which include:

  • Nutritional honey: In addition to flower nectar, bees also use sugar syrup to produce it. But it does not have the properties of natural and pure honey.
  • Natural honey: To produce this kind of honey, bees use only the nectar of various flowers, which is the best natural honey.
  • Single flower honey: To produce this type of honey, bees feed on one type of flower, and the rate of this type of honey was very high, like Gon honey, organic honey is classified according to the nectar or the type of flower. The difference and differentiation of the colors of honey is due to the differentiation of the color of the nectar of flowers.
  • Goon honey: Goon honey has many properties for the stomach and has other benefits such as treating kidney diseases and reducing joint pain.
  • Konar honey: This honey has properties such as skin and hair health, sexual enhancement, constipation treatment, strengthening the body and weakness in children and adults, healing stomach ulcers and helping digestion and strengthening the immune system.
  • Acacia honey: This honey has properties such as memory enhancement, invigorating, sleep-inducing, anti-anemia, treatment of bile disorders, laxative and sleep-inducing.
  • Manuka honey: The benefits of Manuka honey include healing wounds, antibacterial properties, reducing high cholesterol, reducing inflammation, reducing acid reflux, and treating acne.
  • Fennel honey: The treatment of women’s menstrual disorders and increasing breast milk is one of the benefits of fennel honey for women.
  • Natural honey: One of the properties of honey is related to its antioxidant effects. In this way, honey acts as a food supplement and prevents the development of heart diseases.
  • Wild honey: The properties of wild honey include anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, improving the effect of scars, strengthening the body’s defense system, etc.
  • Thyme honey: The properties of thyme honey include antibacterial activity, improving cough, relieving sore throat, useful for stomach inflammation, a source of vitamins and other nutrients, increasing energy, strengthening the body’s immune system, and a source of strong antioxidants.