Salmon is a type of cold water fish and belongs to the salmon sub-group. This fish has a tighter body and a bigger tail than salmon.
This type of fish is popular in many countries because of its healthy nutrition and good taste.

General characteristics of salmon

Baby salmon can be released in farms all year round, and it is better that the release weight is around 10 grams so that the breeding period is not too long and the losses are less. (losses are more in weight below 10 grams). In general, one ton of fish can be harvested per seven liters per second.

Also, in general, according to fisheries experts, at least a 100-meter land is needed to grow salmon. Relatively easy conditions and low cost of salmon farming have caused some people in the north of the country to grow and sell this type of fish in their homes. do

Salmon breeding methods
Iranian salmon can be raised and sold in different ways:

Rotating fish pond
Long concrete channel for fish breeding
Breeding fish in an earthen pond
Breeding fish in cages
Enclosed beaches

  • Salmon live in the sea and ocean, and during spawning, they swim against the current to reach the river, and after spawning, they return to the sea.There are three types of salmon

    Trout, salmon and white fish

    Salmon is a type of cold blue and free-ranging fish that has a compact body and lays eggs between the months of February and March and produces between 10,000 eggs per spawning.

    This type of fish lives in clean and oxygenated water, but the salinity of the sea water is tolerable for salmon. There are pigments on the skin of salmon that help him adapt to the environment.

    There are different types of trout that live between 4 and 5 years on average. And it can be seen in different colors that this color spectrum can change based on water temperature, sediment composition, fish age and other factors.

Export of salmon

Trout is one of the most valuable and popular marine products in the world, and Iran is known as one of its main producers and exporters. Iran has been able to open new markets for the export of its salmon with suitable water resources, different breeds of salmon, modern breeding and processing technologies and high quality standards.
Varna Tejarat Eurasia Company is one of the active and successful companies in the field of exporting trout from Iran to other countries, which provides quality and reliable services to its customers with years of experience and technical knowledge.

In recent years, due to the quality of Iranian salmon, this product has received a lot of attention. Many countries in the world, including Russia, Armenia, Turkey, India, China, Pakistan, and the countries of the Persian Gulf, are customers of export salmon. They are Iran. Iranian salmon is exported all over the world in fresh and frozen form due to its quality and reasonable price.