Export to Oman

Export to Oman

In this section, we have tried to gather general information about the economic, social and cultural conditions of Oman in a short article, so that before starting any commercial and business activities with this country, you can walk on this path with as much familiarity as possible.

Explanations about the country of Oman

Exporting to Oman, a country that has always had good political relations with our country, can be done with the least possible challenges. Oman has good political relations and is far from any tension with other countries of the world. This country’s proper access to open waters and having infrastructure related to trade has made exports to Oman a competitive business market in Iran these days because in recent years the economic situation of Oman has been accompanied by significant growth and the amount of commercial exchanges in this country It has increased with other countries of the world and with the good potential it has created in the consumer market, neighboring countries including Iran are competing to penetrate this market. On the other hand, the export of goods in today’s world has become an increasingly important issue due to the development of technology and the need of countries for each other to supplement their resources, which requires information about the laws of exporting goods and entering this field.

Why export to Oman?

In order to export to Oman, we must have a complete understanding of the economy and its revenue streams. Oman’s economy is mostly based on agricultural industries, minerals and also the profitable fishing industry. This issue has happened while most of the regions of Oman have a dry and desert climate. Of course, oil export also has a significant impact on the government’s income generation.

Below are the statistics released in 2021 that usefully and succinctly show Oman’s economy:

Economic indicators 2021 Description
Annual GDP growth percentage 3.1 %
Inflation 2.39%
unemployment rate 3.10%
The amount of foreign currency reserves 6288 million OMR
The amount of foreign investment 1100 million OMR
Contribution of different sectors of GDP Agriculture (1.4), industry (6.9) and services (37) billion dollars
The most important mineral products Copper, silver, limestone and gold
The most important industrial products Cable, metal sheet, vegetable oil, industrial gases, pipes
The most important agricultural products Grapes, pomegranates, mangoes, dates, bananas, coconuts, etc
The amount of foreign trade 5.31 billion dollars

Due to the mentioned features and the extraordinary location of Oman, many countries and businessmen of the world are doing business with this country. Oman has a high volume of trade compared to the rest of the Persian Gulf countries, which can be said to be the center of economic activities of world traders

The competition in exporting to Oman is so intense that some Iranian businessmen do business with Oman using and mediation by businessmen of different countries. For example, the Iranian side first exports its goods to the UAE, and through that, the goods are exported to Oman. Of course, this process will have its own problems. However, exporting to Oman brings a lot of profit for traders who are willing to take the trouble of doing this.

List of export goods to Oman

List of the most important imported goods of Oman

Advantages of exporting to Oman

The most important feature that has made exports to Oman attractive for different countries is the political and economic stability of this country. Oman has established good trade relations with almost all countries in the region and the world and is considered a safe area for exporting various goods and investing in various sectors. It is an interesting point that the ranking of creating new businesses in Oman is 48 in the world and this country is higher than countries like Turkey, Kuwait and Pakistan. On the other hand, the inflation rate is stable in this country and it has a balanced market.
In addition to generating income through the export of goods to Oman, this country is a route for exports to countries that do not have a good relationship with Iran from a political point of view. Unlike other neighboring countries, registering a company in the free zones of Oman is much easier and does not cause much trouble for Iranians; So that in the free zones of Oman, it is possible to register a company with 100% foreign shares.

Terms and features of trade with Oman

In order to export to Oman, first of all, you should familiarize yourself with the trade rules between Iran and Oman, as well as the trade process with Oman. It is also very important to be familiar with the customs laws of Oman so that you can go through the process of exporting to this country legally and in the shortest possible time.
As you know, a comprehensive cooperation document has been drawn up between the two countries of Oman and Iran, and after that, business and commercial relations between the two countries have started properly. Therefore, exporting to Oman is considered a golden opportunity for Iranian businessmen and commercial companies so that they can be on the right path to generate income. In the following, we will examine the conditions mentioned in the commercial document of cooperation between the two countries that make the trade of various goods easier.

The most important export destinations of Oman’s goods

China can be considered as the biggest trading partner of this country along with some South East Asian countries. As in the discussion of exports, it is at the top of the destinations of Oman’s goods by a large margin. World Trade Organization (WTO) statistics show that in 2018, China alone is the destination of Oman’s goods. 43.9% of the exported goods were from Oman. According to the statistics of this organization, after China, Japan with about 7%, Chinese Taipei with about 5% and some other countries such as Saudi Arabia, South Africa and South Korea are in the list of the most important destinations of Oman’s export goods. are dating There is no name of Iran in this list.

Commercial agreement for exports to Oman from Iran

  • Commercial shipping agreement
  • Agreement to encourage and support Iran’s export investments
  • International agreement on the establishment of an international transit corridor for goods and passengers
  • Agreement to avoid additional tax and agreement on export tariff
  • Commercial air transport cooperation agreement

Feasibility of Iran’s position for export to Oman

Iran’s advantage over other countries for trade with Oman, its geographical proximity, and the access of both countries to maritime communication routes increase cooperation with this country. As we said, one of the most important fields for export to Oman is technical engineering services as well as agricultural products, and this country currently has unused land, which in the agricultural sector constitutes only one percent of the country’s gross national product, and this is a good opportunity. It brings forward for Iran to export technical engineering services as well as agricultural products in this country.

In the raw materials sector, cement, plaster and all kinds of building materials such as stone, tiles and ceramics have a good market and you can work in this field.

All kinds of food, especially baby food, is a suitable field for export, and currently the baby food market in Oman is supplied exclusively through Iran.