The best eggplant for export

The best eggplants for export are Lampi eggplant

The sale of Lampi eggplants increased by about 30% in 2022, and this increase mostly originated from the Russian market. that the elasticity of the eggplant market in this country increased.

Fortunately, this year, the citizens of this country preferred the taste of Iranian eggplants compared to other countries, and this caused a significant increase in the purchase of Iranian eggplants in the whole Russian market by the citizens of this country.

Currently, different types of eggplant from Iran are sent to countries such as:

Qatar, Oman, Kuwait

As we mentioned, the countries of Qatar and Oman have the highest amount of purchases from our exporters.

Major export of eggplant

The major export of eggplant is carried out almost every year in acceptable tonnages.

As you know, our country is one of the major areas for the production of greenhouse products.

The amount of eggplant harvested from the greenhouses of the whole country

If we focus more on the export of this product this year, we can see that our export volume has exceeded 100 thousand tons.

And the rest of the harvest, which was in different grades, was bought and sold in the domestic market.

Now, we can consider the general statistics of eggplant harvesting between 1,300,000 and 1,500,000 tons, because at the time of packing, there is waste that cannot be consumed and sold.

Due to the significant harvest of this product, we can take over more markets. And this requires strong will and also proper identification of the market.

The method of identifying quality eggplant

To determine the quality level of eggplant varieties, there are various options that often require the experience of visiting greenhouses, sorting and buying and selling this product.

But the important point for this matter is that the seeds grown in the greenhouse have been harvested.

Packaging of Iranian eggplant

One of the main reasons that caused the increase in the sales and export of eggplant every year was packaging and compliance with its standards.

If you look at the export statistics of the previous years and also analyze the sorting and packaging of eggplants in those years, you will realize that in the last two years, the sorting operators at the country level have well examined the market of the target countries. and they know very well what country, what type of packaging and what size of eggplant they need.

Complying with all these things has fortunately led to an increase in the sales of greenhouses. Currently, different types of Iranian eggplants, which are harvested from greenhouses in different regions of central and southern provinces, are packaged in baskets and cartons. that the total price of this product in these baskets is lower than the carton packaging.

However, due to the fact that competing countries have invested well in the packaging industry, their sales volumes in foreign target markets have always been higher than Iran’s, and even the selling price of their eggplants has been relatively higher than Iranian eggplants.

Now, if we change our products from basket to carton packaging, we can increase the sale of eggplant products in the region.

  • Digestive health

    Eggplant contains rich amounts of fiber, and for this reason, it can help to improve the function of the digestive system. In addition, the fiber in eggplant is also useful for improving stomach pain and easier digestion of food.

    Facial skin cleansing

    Eggplant contains rich amounts of dietary fiber, various vitamins and useful minerals, and for this reason, it can help purify the blood and intestines. Purification and detoxification of the blood helps to cleanse the skin and brighten the skin.

    Fatty liver treatment

    The results of recent research by researchers have shown that eggplant contains very strong antioxidants that are very useful for cleansing and detoxifying the liver. In addition, eggplant can help treat common liver diseases such as fatty liver.

    Slimming and weight loss

    The first reason for using eggplant in weight loss diets is the very low calorie content of this fruit. In addition, eggplant is very low in fat and very high in fiber. Using grilled and boiled eggplant can help you lose weight.

    Another reason to use eggplant to lose weight is the rich fiber of this fruit. As you know, foods with high fiber make a person feel full for a longer period of time and therefore prevent overeating.

    Treatment of anemia

    By consuming eggplant, you can eliminate anemia and its symptoms to some extent. Eggplant contains iron and copper, and for this reason, it can help increase the production of red blood cells, which leads to the treatment of anemia.

    Treatment of constipation

    Eggplant contains rich sources of fiber, which helps to improve bowel movements after consumption, and for this reason, it can prevent and treat constipation. In addition, the consumption of eggplant is also useful for treating hemorrhoids.